About Smith Street

Smith Street is a street located in the inner city of Melbourne, Victoria. Among others, the street offers a variety of culture, restaurants, cafés, bars, etc.


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SMITH STREETS DREAM - Festival on Smith Street

I first heard this Aboriginal proverb when visiting indigenous camps in the Northern Territory two years ago and when the Smith Street Dreaming Music Festival came to the corner of Stanley and Smith Street on the 20th July I realized that this was the beginning of an important story of unification on Smith Street…



Heritage & History

Smith Street is one of Melbourne’s oldest thoroughfares dating back to the first suburban land subdivision in Melbourne in 1838. Smith Street originally formed part of a winding dirt track that went to Heidelberg…



Local Songwriter Stars

One of many of the artists at Smith Street’s heart is local singer songwriter Natasha Duarte´. You couldn’t pick a more perfect picture of a pop princess, posing here as an urban hipster exclusively for Smith Street Life…